Suitable from small to big to huge coworking hubs.

CoWorkCloud helps you streamline and automate various routine tasks related to coworking management.

Complete Client Management

CoWorkCloud helps you with end-to-end client management from on-boarding, daily operations and client separation.

Find all client-related documents at a single place.

Perform agreement management (revision & approval) at the time of client on-boarding or when the client is with you.

Manage Meeting & Conference Rooms

CoWorkCloud allows you to add meeting & conference rooms, assign facilities, define charges & create cancellation policy. Check availability & book/block the rooms.

Get the meeting charges added into the monthly bill or charge them immediately (as an invoice).

Lead Management

CoWorkCloud let your team record & manage the prospect information for successful closure. Sit back and watch the potential clients getting converted to paying customers.

No more reminders to collect the update on an enquiry.

All the information stay encrypted on our servers. Only your team can view and manage the data.

Helpdesk / Issue Management

CoWorkCloud defines helpdesk categories & track how well your team handle the client issues.

Improve your client experience by avoiding follow-ups.

Visitor Management

CoWorkCloud allows you & your clients to plan visitors easily. See the list of visitors who are expected to visit today.

Perform check-in/check-out & track their IT assets which they are carrying.

The platform can also record optional information related to the identity

Finance Module

CoWorkCloud finance module covers invoice generation to collections, issuing credit notes, and publishing a statement of account & tax reports (both at the client level and coworking space level).

The platform lets you issue finance clearance at the time of client separation.

Courier Management

CoWorkCloud let you handle, handover and track all incoming couriers at the item level.

Your team will get to know when a courier is expected, inform the recipient through the platform, and report handovers.

You can keep a record of couriers during the absence of the expected recipient.

CoWorkCloud helps you focus on your business, not paperwork. We make it easy to manage workspace for your team.